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600ml Folding Silicone Sports Water Bottle

600ml Folding Silicone Sports Water Bottle

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Introducing the 600ml Folding Silicone Sports Water Bottle, your ideal on-the-go hydration solution for various outdoor activities. This mini and convenient water bottle offers a blend of fashion, functionality, and safety.

Crafted from safe raw materials and designed to be tight and durable, it's perfect for your active lifestyle. The modern and minimalist style of this bottle, available in green, pink, blue, and gray, ensures you stay both stylish and well-hydrated during your adventures.

With a generous 600ml capacity and made from quality PP plastic, this water bottle is your trusted companion for running, riding, camping, hiking, and more. Stay refreshed with this compact and versatile sports water bottle.

Packing list:

Water cup*1      

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