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Baby Carrier Waist Stool

Baby Carrier Waist Stool

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Introducing the Baby Carrier Waist Stool, your perfect companion for comfortable and versatile baby carrying. This innovative product offers a range of benefits for both you and your little one. With its breathable design, it ensures a refreshing and enjoyable travel experience. Carefully selected fabrics are gentle on your baby's sensitive skin, providing the utmost comfort.

Its multi-functionality and various modes make it suitable for a wide range of needs and ages, accommodating infants from 0 to 48 months. Whether you choose to carry your baby on your back or shoulder, this baby carrier waist stool is designed for your convenience.

With one size that fits all and stylish color options, it's a must-have travel accessory for parents. Say goodbye to discomfort and hello to an enjoyable and refreshing journey with your baby.

Product Category: Strap / Back Bag
Strap method: shoulder and shoulder
Strap function: a variety of back methods
Applicable age: 0-48 months
size: one size
Colors: 1059 Galaxy Grey, 1059 Lake Blue, 1059 Pink
Material; polyester cotton

Package Content:
1 x Waist Stool

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