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Elevate Culinary Moments with Our Precision Oil Dispenser

Elevate Culinary Moments with Our Precision Oil Dispenser

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Our cooking oil spray bottle is the perfect kitchen companion for dispensing oil, vinegar, soy sauce, or lemon juice. With just a few pumps, it's ready to enhance your culinary creations. This spray bottle offers a convenient and healthier alternative to traditional oil application methods, eliminating the need for brushes and harmful propellants or chemicals during roasting, frying, baking, and cooking. Cleaning is a breeze – simply unscrew the lid, fill the bottle with hot water and a drop of mild detergent, and press the spray control button without the need for stirring. Elevate your cooking experience with this user-friendly and eco-friendly oil dispenser.

Product Name: ABS + glass oil and a vinegar spray bottle
Material: ABS+high white glass
Size: 4cm in diameter, 17.5cm in height, single capacity 100ml

Package Content:
1 x Spray Bottle


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