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Double Sisal Balls Cat Tree Scratching Post

Double Sisal Balls Cat Tree Scratching Post

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Introducing the Double Sisal Balls Cat Tree Scratching Post, a solid and durable cat accessory that promises hours of entertainment for your feline friend. With its stable solid wood base, this cat toy provides a quiet and steady playtime, making it the ideal choice for both play and relaxation.

Pamper your cat and alleviate their loneliness during your working hours with this interactive wooden cat toy. More than just fun, it's designed to improve your cat's health by encouraging exercise and reducing couch-nesting habits.

By sliding the ball and engaging your cat, you'll foster a stronger bond and create a warm, inviting atmosphere in your home. The fresh wood color and exquisite polish add a touch of natural warmth to your cat's living space, making it a cozy haven for your furry companion.

Material: solid wood
Product category: bite toys
Weight: 1kg
Color: Mushroom Turntable
Applicable gift-giving relationships: couples, couples, colleagues, friends, children, classmates

Note: The colors of the feathers are random

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1x Cat Toy with Ball

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