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Retractable Dog Leash and Collar Set for Small to Medium Pets

Retractable Dog Leash and Collar Set for Small to Medium Pets

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Introducing our "Retractable Dog Leash and Collar Set for Small to Medium Pets," a brand-new and top-quality pet product designed with both convenience and your furry friend's freedom in mind.

This leash offers your dog the perfect blend of reach and movement, allowing them to explore comfortably while you maintain control. Suitable for both small and medium-sized pets, it's a versatile choice for pet owners. With a one-handed braking and locking system, you can quickly and easily control your pet's movements, ensuring their safety during walks.

The telescopic design enables the belt to automatically stretch and retract as needed, and the lock button provides added security. Plus, the leash features large, ergonomic handles for an easy and comfortable grip.

Give your pet the best walking experience with this retractable leash and collar set, a must-have for your daily walks and adventures together.


Product information:

Material: ABS
Scalable: Yes
Color: Dream Purple 3m, Sunshine Orange 3m, Mint Green 3m, Explosion-proof ★Dream Purple 5m, Explosion-proof ★Sunshine Orange 5m, Explosion-proof ★Mint Green 5m
Specifications (length * width): single traction rope (automatic telescopic one-button brake), traction rope + small collar, traction rope + medium collar, traction rope + large collar
Size: Small 17.5*9*4.8cm Large 18.5*11*5cm

Packing list: 

1*towing rope/1*towing rope+1*collar

Size Information:

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