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The Magic Tap Soda Dispenser

The Magic Tap Soda Dispenser

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Introducing the Magic Tap Soda Dispenser! Transform any 2-liter bottle into your very own soda machine at home. Simply attach the Magic Tap Dispenser to the bottle, flip it upside down, and effortlessly pour refreshing carbonated drinks into your glass using the push-in dispenser. A convenient way to enjoy your fizzy favorites. Please note, this dispenser is suitable for carbonated drinks that require pressure to operate. Give the bottle a gentle squeeze and savor the soda!

Model Number: F0629-A
Material: Plastic.
Size: Height: 15 cm/5.9 inch
Diameter: 10 cm/3.94 inch
Weight:Approx. 81g

Package Content:
1x Drink Dispenser


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